What Church Administrators Should Know About Workers Compensation

When a church is in its earliest stages, one of the most important forms of protection that it can provide to its staff, employees, and hired contractors is workers’ compensation. Even though a church is not a for-profit organization, they must still abide by various laws that are designed to protect workers and employees when any of the most common accidents take place. For officials and leaders that have not yet explored their options for workers’ compensation coverage as a part of their overall church insurance, here is a closer look at this vital form of coverage.

Workers’ compensation insurance has been designed to provide financial assistance to any employees that have been injured while on the clock or over the course of their duty. This type of insurance was first brought into being around the start of the 20th century when the Industrial Revolution was in full swing. More and more employers were finding loopholes in various laws in order to not provide their staff members with financial assistance after they were injured on the job. In the coming years, workers’ compensation laws spread from state to state, each creating its own level of mandatory coverage.

While severe workplace injuries have been on the decline over the past 100 years, workers’ compensation has grown in scope to include a variety of health issues that may come as the result of one’s occupation. In addition to traumatic injuries requiring emergency medical care, workers’ compensation can also cover some or all of the costs with associated diseases as well as medical issues that are the result of repetitive movements.

These various laws have been designed to provide a fair and comprehensive for all employees, no matter the industry they are in or the organization that they work for. Even organizations that are still on the line about the style and amount if workers’ compensation coverage they need for their church insurance policy should seek out church insurance quote as soon as possible. Almost every state has mandatory laws for workers’ compensation, and failing to maintain a policy will result in a buildup of fines and fees. In addition to this, workers’ compensation is also considered to be an experienced-rated policy. This means that failing to have an ongoing contract will result in higher premiums as well.

It is important for every church to maintain workers’ compensation insurance as part of their overall policy. This will protect any and all employees from financial hardship after accidents and injuries.

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