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Why Bundle Your Auto And Home Insurance?

This is a way for insurance companies to offer you discounts to get more of your business. For example, some of our companies offer a 20-25% discount for bundling.

Can A Commercial Business Get Bundling Discounts?

Yes, commercial companies will be willing to offer more discounts on your premiums when they see you have several lines of business. It also helps reduce coverage gaps. When policies are with one carrier, it lessens the potential for coverage confusion. You will also find it will save you time. Paperwork is reduced, policies are easier to manage. Billing and claim experience is more convenient and your renewal will be simplified.

Keeping up with the many policies is not where you want to spend your time. By consolidating, you have fewer separate bills to keep track of and have one number to call for claims questions—conveniences you’ll appreciate.

It will also reduce your financial information being shared with fewer parties. Let’s face it, it’s much easier to keep track of coverage information when it’s with a single carrier.

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