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Church Insurance across America. Many companies are increasing their deductibles to benefit them in the claims process. Give us a call so we can share how to help you get the best benefits and pricing for your house of worship.

In the sacred halls of your house of worship, the congregation finds solace, community, and spiritual fulfillment. Yet, amidst the sanctity, the physical realm remains vulnerable to the unexpected—fires, accidents, vandalism, and the caprices of weather. Even minor mishaps can take a heavy toll, imperiling the very existence of your cherished church. However, safeguarding against such perils is not beyond reach. At Nolan Jackson Insurance, we understand the importance of protecting your sacred space. With a steadfast commitment to fortifying your church’s resilience, we collaborate with esteemed insurance providers such as Zurich, Great American, and GuideOne. Among these, GuideOne Insurance stands as a stalwart guardian, renowned for its steadfast dedication to serving houses of worship nationwide.

In recent times, churches nationwide have been confronted with an unsettling reality: significant hikes in insurance deductibles and premiums upon renewal. Such unforeseen escalations have left many congregations grappling with the financial strain of safeguarding their sacred spaces. Understandably, this trend has prompted a surge in churches seeking alternative insurance options, driven by the imperative to balance fiscal prudence with comprehensive coverage.

Amidst this landscape of uncertainty, Nolan Jackson Insurance stands as a beacon of reassurance and support. If your church finds itself burdened by soaring insurance costs and daunting deductibles, our seasoned experts are poised to provide tailored solutions. With our unwavering commitment to advocacy and personalized service, we navigate the intricacies of insurance procurement, ensuring that your church receives the protection it deserves without compromising on financial viability.

Trust in Nolan Jackson Insurance to guide you through these challenging times, empowering your congregation to continue its sacred mission with peace of mind.

Property Protection

Our property insurance ensures that your place of worship is safeguarded against unexpected events like fire, theft, or vandalism.

Equipment Breakdown Coverage

Our coverage protects you from the financial burden of repairing or replacing essential equipment in case of breakdowns.

Business Auto Insurance

Our business auto insurance provides the necessary coverage to keep your vehicles and drivers protected on the road.

Liability Shield

With our liability coverage, you can rest assured knowing that your church is protected against claims of bodily injury or property damage occurring on your premises.

Sexual Misconduct Protection

Our specialized coverage offers protection against claims of sexual misconduct, providing peace of mind for both you and your members.

Cybersecurity Safeguards

Our cyber insurance helps mitigate the financial and reputational risks associated with data breaches or cyberattacks.

Directors & Officers Liability

Our D&O coverage protects your directors and officers from personal liability arising from decisions made in their official capacity.

Violent Incident Response

In the unfortunate event of a violent incident on your premises, our coverage offers financial protection and support to help your church recover and rebuild.

Workers’ Compensation

Our workers' compensation insurance provides coverage for medical expenses and lost wages in the event of a work-related injury or illness.

Employment Practices Liability

Our EPL coverage safeguards your church against claims of wrongful termination, discrimination, or harassment.

Umbrella Protection

For added peace of mind, our umbrella insurance extends the coverage limits of your existing policies, providing an extra layer of protection against unexpected liabilities.

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