Wedding Bells at Your Church!

Having a wedding in your church is an occasion for everyone involved to experience the joyous union of a happy couple. If you host weddings throughout the year, it is important to have guidelines for the church staff and wedding party to follow. These guidelines will help everyone stay organized and safe.

Reviewing your church insurance is the first step to renting it out for weddings or other events. Make sure you know what your insurance will cover and what it won’t. This knowledge will help you come up with your list of guidelines that you share with the venue renters and the church representatives.

The Duties of Your Church Representative at Weddings

A church representative can hold the keys for the church on the wedding day. They are responsible for letting the wedding party into the building. They are also responsible for making sure that everything runs well. They should be at the church to record any emergencies or damage to the building. Once the wedding and reception are over, they may be in control of the clean-up and locking the doors at the end of the day.

Get it in Writing

The contract signed between the church and the person responsible for the wedding should include the expectations and safety precautions for your venue. This contract will also help you if you need to get repairs. Your liability is limited if someone in the wedding party is injured or decides to sue the church. If you need to get damages fixed, have a written statement in your contract that makes the person signing the contract liable for damages during the wedding.

You should also include the things that a wedding party can’t do in a church. Some examples of what to include in your contract are:

  • Which rooms can/can’t be used.
  • Rules with Alcohol
  • Rules with Candles
  • How to Hang and Remove Decorations without Damage.

A wedding in a church is a great experience. A good policy for safety and damages is the first step to making sure everyone has a wonderful time!

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