Use a Security System to Protect Your Church

Does your church need a security system? Absolutely! In this day of increasing violent crime and institutional shootings, the need is growing for even peaceful groups like churches to protect their buildings, pastors, and members. Here are a few tips that may help.

Entrances and exits.

Doors should be kept locked with passkeys given only to pastors or trusted individuals who need access to the building on days when no one else is there to let them in. Alarms can be mounted on the doors to sound in the church office or other occupied areas if someone breaks in.


Likewise, window alarms can be set or turned off when not in use, for example, during church services. If someone breaks in at other times, the alarm can be wired to the church office or directly to the local security office, who will then check on the issue and send police if necessary.


If valuables are kept at the church, it may be helpful to have a security guard watch the premises at night, or at least patrol the area every couple of hours. If the church is located in a high-crime neighborhood or there is concern over a possible shooter who has made threats, a police officer can be posted at the main entrance during church services, with other entrances locked.


Child care and Sunday school classes for children should be protected by doing background checks on teachers and teaching assistants. Kids and parents should have an identification system to eliminate the risk of a child being given to the wrong person. Classroom doors should remain open or have windows so that parents can see at any time what their child is doing.

Measures like these can help to keep a church and everyone associated with it safe. The investment is definitely worth the protection and security of everyone involved.

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