Undetected Damage From Frozen Gutters, Plumbing, And Air Conditioning Piping: Risks Hiding In Church Buildings

Georgia Church Liability InsuranceIce is no friend to a church or its properties. Icing of roof and driveways are obvious sources of liability, but it is icing of plumbing and fixtures and refrigeration and air conditioning piping which will materially affect the maintenance budget of any church.

To ameliorate effects of freezing, Church Insurance can be customized to mitigate accidental icing impacting building infrastructure. The right insurance package begins with a Church Insurance Quote which will specify the coverages for specific ice damage.

Both church and insurer will have responsibilities under any insurance contract. Specifics must be stated clearly so that each will know which insurance parameters control coverage for ice damage. This is over and above the usual fire, theft, vandalism, and basic liability coverage. From a church standpoint, the specific exemptions under so-called “flood damage” must be clearly defined, since many a facility has fallen prey to a misunderstood definition of insurance exemption related to presence of water within a church building, even if related to ice build up in plumbing or walls or roof.

Failure of heating, plumbing, refrigeration, or air conditioning equipment, or failure to regularly maintain air conditioning units and related insulation, fire sprinklers and extinguishers—all potentially could unintentionally cause icing. Irregular facility maintenance related to roofing, gutter, and downspout upkeep may lead to ice-damming, failure of old gutters, and substantial surface damage to interior office, classroom, and worship spaces, but substructure deterioration as well.

A thoughtful Church Insurance Quote will detail coverage and answer questions that are building-specific. An appropriate maintenance schedule may be part of the evaluation outcome. Typically a walk-through evaluation of a church’s physical plant will allow an appropriate Church Insurance proposal to address a variety of coverage questions and will clarify when plant modification or rehabilitation may be advised before an appropriate church policy takes optimum effect. Do not underestimate good and practical advice that often comes through such an evaluation.

Church facilities remote to any operational worship facility will need the same basic evaluation as a church in order to specify what needs to be updated prior to any insurance policy or contract. The right evaluation process will assure appropriate future mitigation of ice damage to a church and its properties through development of comprehensive insurance coverage. And, that process will provide practical, concrete advice as well as customized, crucial insurance information!

Georgia Church Liability Insurance

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