Preparing Your Church for the Harshness of Winter

Georgia church insurance quoteA church may be a place of sanctity, but it’s also a building constructed by human beings. This fact alone makes churches subject to the same hazards as other buildings, including bad weather. It’s never too late to prepare for potentially destructive winter conditions, which is why your church should consider taking the following steps as soon as possible:
(1) Clean gutters and downspouts to prevent water from backing up onto a roof. This is particularly important to buildings that have flat roofs, wherein melted ice or snow can accumulate and then infiltrate through even the smallest cracks or holes. Ponds of water that accumulate around foundation walls should also be removed.
(2) Search for drafts at perimeter walls that can freeze pipes in cold temperatures. These openings should be closed and, for added protection, the pipes themselves need to be insulated with foam that can be purchased from home improvement-type stores. It will also be wise to drain the pipes if the building is to remain vacant for a period of time.
(3) Make sure that the heating system is functioning in vacant buildings. These buildings should also be examined on a daily basis when the weather is exceptionally cold to assure that the inside temperature never goes below 40 degrees.
(4) Have a plan to remove excessive amounts of snow. Heavy snow can accumulate more in certain areas, creating a number of potential hazards. It might be wise to arrange in advance work by a contractor who specializes in snow removal. Any plan should include the removal of snow around fire hydrants that serve the building.
(5) Know the effects of cold weather on fire sprinklers. Since dry pipe systems are pressurized with air, a ruptured pipe can unleash large amounts water, with disastrous consequences.
(6) Examine the building after a heavy snowfall, especially if it has a flat roof. Check for sagging or deflections in main and drop ceilings, and be sure to order an immediate evacuation if this condition is noticed during a service. During a recent winter, a church experienced a roof collapse only hours after a meeting was canceled due to the weather.
In a time of sudden fluctuations in the weather, a disaster can be only days away. This is why it’s important to prepare today for those unpredictable events in the future. You should also consider having church insurance. A church insurance quote from a reliable agent can give your congregation the peace of mind it deserves.

Georgia church insurance quote

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