Is There Danger Lurking At Your Church?

Your church can be a hazardous place for a variety of reasons. What kind of people can get injured in and around a sanctuary? Any kind of person, that’s who. For example, people in their mid-60s and up are at the biggest risk of being hurt, according to Medicare statistics. As you’d expect, the next group most prone to suffer an injury at church are youngsters, generally children and those under 20 years old. Although both groups are at a high risk for being hurt, the reasons they get hurt are from similar.

Those who are in the higher age range tend to have their accidents in two general areas. The first area is inside the church building, particularly where there are steps or uncarpeted floors that are slippery when wet. It doesn’t take much to start climbing up or down a flight and simply miss one step. Sometimes an older person will have their ankle or knee give way, causing them to lose their balance and fall head over heels to the bottom of the staircase. Although handrails and extra precautions in keeping floors dry can be of benefit, nothing substitutes for church insurance that can ease the cost of damage.

The second area that the elderly experience their mishaps is just outside the building itself, frequently on the sidewalk or right in the parking area. Sidewalks often have dangerous cracks and uneven surfaces, setting the unsuspecting churchgoer up for a sudden trip and tumble. It’s especially easy for older folks to misjudge the terrain, in large part due to decreased vision. Parking lots have similar surface dangers, but also pose the threat of moving vehicles. Even if your church has ushers who watch over your older congregants, they can easily experience a painful accident. To help cover unexpected costs, your best bet is to call for a georgia church building insurance quote.

When it comes to the youngsters in your assembly, they are frequently hurt at play. This may be in designated play areas or even during a church event. Although younger persons tend to be in better shape and heal quickly following an injury, there are cases where it takes longer. Some of the most debilitating accidents are falls from playground equipment that cause broken bones and concussions. Your church group can focus on healing and have peace of mind with a church insurance policy.


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