Important Considerations for Your Church Insurance Policy!

Just like any other insurance, church insurance policies have varying levels of coverage. There are certain types of coverage you should look for to make sure that the insurance you choose covers everything you expect. Many of these coverages are add-ons to your current policy, so if you don’t see them, ask if you can add in coveragesto protect you further.


If you have a computer, electrical equipment, or your heating and air conditioning fails, your church policy should cover it. Consider how much coverage you will need and add it to your insurance policy.

New Properties

If you obtain a new property for your church, contact your insurance company to have the new property added to your policy.

Interruption of Utility Services

If your utilities are entirely off because of a storm or emergency event, you may have a loss to claim.

Sewer Systems

Make sure your insurance carries additional coverage for sewer and plumbing problems. These issues can be a costly fix for a church, especially if there was no warning. Overflows happen in storms. If you have an extended coverage plan, you may be able to get the flood-damaged taken care of without worry.


If your church has stained glass windows, talk to your insurance agent about protecting them separately if needed. They are more expensive to replace than a standard window, so they should be reflected in your policy.

Personal Property

Check your church policy for a personal property coverage limit. Ask if you can extend this insurance and whose personal property it covers. This is important if someone lives onsite to care for the church.

Property ordinances and law changes

Make sure you have coverage if there is a new law introduced that requires you to update your church to keep it current with ordinances.

The property coverage that you carry for your church should include everything you need to have covered if it doesn’t ask your agent or insurance company how to add things like flood coverage, glass coverage, and personal property coverage to your policy. Asking about add-on coverages can help you know everything that you can cover beyond the standard policy.

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