Importance of Background Screening

One goal of your organization should be to maintain a reasonable and safe environment. Background screening, along with a church insurance quote, is an effective tool to weed out unqualified or risky candidates. Criminal incidents are on the rise, making background checks an essential tool to keep your organization safe for employees, participants, and volunteers. Here are reasons background screening is so important.

  1. Theft and embezzlement

    If your organization has plenty of assets, there’s a higher chance of someone taking advantage and exploiting them. Screening candidates who handle money can reduce losses from activities such as theft or fraud.

  2. Youth abuse

    Both small and large organizations in both urban and rural areas are subject to risks of youth exploitation. Screening candidates through the nationwide sex offender registry can greatly reduce chances of a registered sex offender gaining employment at your business or organization.

  3. Transportation

    Anyone who drives company equipment or drives for company purposes should have a clean driving record free from serious violations and offenses. Verify their motor vehicle record or MVR to ensure that they’ve reported any incidents.

Who needs a background check?

Background checks help preserve safety by identifying individuals with questionable characteristics or past experiences such as theft, abuse, lack of qualifications, or poor employment history. Screening should always be implemented, especially in cases where the individual works with children, the elderly, money, transportation, or vulnerable members of society. It’s the role of any organization to ensure that they hire trustworthy individuals. Different types of background checks include references, drug testing, credit history, verification of education or previous employment, criminal history, and an official motor vehicle report or MVR.

When to perform a background check?

You should conduct a check when you initially hire someone and on a regular basis throughout their employment to check for changes. Conduct an annual background check for criminal behaviors, with the sex offender registry, and the motor vehicle reports to ensure nothing has occurred since the individual was hired yet failed to report.

In some cases, a background check may come back incomplete due to missing records or unverifiable sources. This can be common with minors, those who have just turned 18, or immigrants without extensive records in the country. Ask for personal and professional references who can attest to their character, work ethic, and employability at your organization.

Keep your organization safe, secure, and trustworthy with proper screening measures for maximum protection.

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