General Liability Insurance Policies: Essential For Churches, Too!

Today, businesses and nonprofit organizations across the United States routinely purchase general liability insurance policies. This type of coverage helps pay expenses arising from civil claims alleging personal injuries (including bodily injuries) and property damage. Churches and religious organizations in this era require this form of protection.

About Typical General Liability Insurance Policies

Most general liability insurance policies do not require the payment of a deductible. These policies doassist the insured in defending many types of lawsuits. The policy offers funds to cover a variety of important expenses, including:

  • Liability;
  • Expert Witness Fees;
  • Attorney Fees;
  • Witness Travel Fees;
  • Post-Judgment Interest;
  • Court Costs.

Usually, the insurance company helps arrange for the defense of the civil lawsuit. It advises the client whether to aggressively defend the case (with the assistance of the insurer), or whether to enter into a settlement. Churches which fail to heed this advice may lose liability protections in some situations.

Coverage Parameters

The specific provisions of the insurance contract control the extent of coverage. A church may find it helpful to discuss a general liability insurance policy with its attorneys prior to purchasing coverage. The policy typically won’t apply to circumstances already addressed by other types of insurance. For example, it won’t furnish assistance if a severe storm damages the church roof (property insurance) or if a groundskeeper employed by the church sustains an injury on the job (workman’s compensation insurance). Additionally, a general liability insurance policy cannot protect the church against the consequences of gross negligence, willful misconduct, or criminal activity by church officers and stewards.

However, general liability insurance does furnish essential protections. Some items usually covered by this type of policy include liability arising from normal daily church operations. If a former member of the congregation files a legal action against the church claiming defamation, then the general liability insurance policy may offer assistance defending the civil lawsuit. If the congregation conducts a church bake sale, but some participants develop food poisoning afterwards, depending upon the fact situation, the insurance policy might help pay the medical bills of the injured.

Further Information

It generally makes sense to obtain a church insurance quote when shopping for this insurance. Many companies offer liability policies. This coverage supplies essential protections for churches today!

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