Church Bus Insurance: Why You Need It and How to Find It

Faith-based ministries and houses of worship hold a special place in the hearts and lives of their members and leaders. Unfortunately, religious establishments are becoming more vulnerable to lawsuits and claims for damages, improper behavior and false accusations. Claims involving church-sponsored transportation, such as church buses, could be devastating without proper insurance coverage. Fortunately, church bus insurance can provide protection for this vital component of your ministry.

Does Your Church Really Need Special Insurance for a Bus?

Churches purchase buses when they foresee a need to provide transportation for members and visitors that do not have their own means to attend services and events. While church-sponsored transportation is a valuable service to the church community, it carries a strong potential for liability should someone experience harm in the vehicle. Just as individuals should carry adequate insurance for their automobiles, churches should protect their drivers and members against unexpected injurious situations.

What Type of Church Bus Insurance Policy Should You Look For?

The ideal insurance policy that your ministry needs will depend on several factors. What is the size of your church bus? How many seats are in it? How often is the bus driven? Some insurance providers place limitations on drivers and vehicles. For example, it may be difficult to find coverage for older 15-passenger vans. There may be an age limit for drivers. Any bus that seats over 15 passengers must have a driver with a Class C with P endorsement driver’s license. Your agent can work with you through these issues to guide you in securing proper protection.

Ministry transportation brings what may be the highest risk of liability for a church. What may seem to be an insignificant incident could be extremely costly, even fatal to a ministry. Each congregation has unique risks; an agent who specializes in church insurance can assist you in determining what coverages you need. An experienced agent will help you assess your situation and needs to prepare for possible scenarios. Your agent will navigate you through coverage terminology and options and put the ideal coverage in place for you.

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