The Essential Insurance Policies Your Church Should Carry

Due to the nature of a church, there are a variety of potentially damaging situations that could take place that will require excellent insurance coverage. Unlike any other type of organization, churches are often used for a number of unique services and programs, and this is why church insurance can be invaluable over the years. For those that are unsure of the coverage they need or where to attain a church insurance quote, here is a closer inspection of these policies.

The typical insurance for a church is going to begin with a general liability policy. While churches are generally labeled as non-profit organizations, it does not mean that they could not be on the receiving end of a serious lawsuit for any number of accidents that take place. From a minor injury to an ongoing legal battle, general liability insurance is the first line of defense for a church. Often tied into general liability insurance or added as a rider is property insurance. From lighting equipment to basic supplies, property insurance will help cut costs for issues such as theft, vandalism, and other forms of damage.

At this point, a church can choose between a wide variety of coverages depending on its own unique needs, the size of the church, the services that it provides, and even the staff or employees on the church’s payroll. If the church has hired one or more staff members or employees, it is important to take a look at coverage that will protect them in the event of an accident or injury. Group health insurance as well as workers’ compensation will not only protect employees and staff, it could also be mandatory by law.

If the church has one or more owned vehicles or regularly hires cars, commercial vehicle insurance will be a necessity in the event of an auto collision. Other forms of coverage to consider include professional liability, abuse, and director & officer policies. For churches that are currently expanding and not sure if their current coverage is ample, an umbrella policy can be added as a rider for just a small yearly or monthly payment and provides excess coverage for $1 million or more.

Churches will always face a slew of unique challenges, and the best way to protect all of the hard work invested into these organizations is with comprehensive coverage at all times.

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