Choosing the Right Church Insurance in Georgia

Georgia is a beautiful state with plenty of churches.

Insurance is something churches of all sizes can benefit from. Having protection from liability is great, but not every church has the same needs.

Even churches based in the same state can require different insurance policies depending on the hazards relative to their area and the value of their property. Here’s how to go about finding the right type of church insurance in Georgia.

Considering Your Church’s Location First

Before you think about how much protection you’ll need, consider the specific types of threats and how they could put your church at risk. Are thunderstorms a frequent occurrence in your area? Do you live in a part of Georgia where high winds and tornadoes have damaged property before?

Common misconceptions about insurance include confusion over whether all natural disasters are covered (for example, flooding is usually covered separately). This can make church insurance even more confusing if you’ve never shopped for it previously. However, working with the right agent can make things easier.

How Much Do You Need to Protect?

When you’ve chosen an insurance agency to discuss policies with, they can help you decide based on your needs and finances. Your insurance needs will depend largely on how much you want to spend per month and how much property you have to be insured.

To find out more about church insurance in Georgia, contact Nolan Jackson Insurance today!

What Our Clients Have to Say

"I have been an emergency medicine physician for 25 years, living in the Atlanta suburbs for 6 years now. Needless to say, I have an eye for detail and a HUGE respect for those professionals with similar attributes. On our initial encounter, Nolan impressed me with his professionalism and persistence. Most importantly, however, was his knowledge base and obvious competence. I have dealt with many insurance companies over the years, and equally as many agents. By far, Nolan Jackson truly represents the select few, in my humble opinion, who truly have their clients best interest at the forefront of their business model. I can recommend him without reservation; you will not be disappointed!"

Dr. Mike Canton, GA

On behalf of our staff and the children we serve I want to thank you for being there for us over the years and especially last summer. Your team has always provided excellent service and the most competitive pricing but it is your care and concern for our ministry, our staff and the children we serve that provides a great sense of peace for all involved with our ministry. It is team members like you that enable us to celebrate our tenth year as an organization as well as our tenth anniversary with Jackson Insurance. I am glad you are on our team.

Jeff G. Atlanta, GA

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