4 Things you Absolutely Must Protect Your Church From

Churches exist for more than somewhere to worship since they’re frequently used for meetings, bible study, and faith-based preschools. The downside of the widespread community use is that the risk of fires, theft, or injuries increases. Church insurance is the best way to protect your assets if something does happen.

4 Claims Church Need to Protect Themselves From

These are the four most common claims made against churches and how you can minimize the risks.

1. Theft

Churches aren’t exempt from burglars or theft. The consequences include financial losses and loss of valuable and rare property or artifacts. A church insurance policy protects these items which aren’t included in typical business policy. Reduce theft by ensuring all doors, except the front, are locked when not in use. Keep the areas around and inside the church well-lit and consider installing a security system.

2. Sexual abuse

Sexual misconduct is possible in all businesses, including churches. A church insurance policy provides assistance with liability if any employees are accused of sexual harassment. Reduce the risk of dealing with sexual abuse by running background checks on employees, implement policies and procedures, and urge employees to speak up if they suspect anything.

3. Trips and Slips

The number one claims filed against churches are for medical coverage due to injuries that occur on the church’s property or special events organized by the ministry. Preventing accidents and injuries is the best way to handle the issue:

  • Keep walkways free from obstructions and make repairs to cracks or uneven surfaces.
  • Wipe up spills and keep slippery surfaces such as tile or linoleum dry
  • Shovel walkways and put salt down to melt ice

4. Fire

Fires cause $98 million in damages to churches every year and don’t take into account other damage, displacement, or the loss the community suffers from a lack of available resources. The primary cause of fire damage is cooking, followed by faulty wiring or electrical equipment. Reduce the risk of fire by taking these preventative measures:

  • Never leave the stove on while unattended
  • Hire an inspector to examine the wiring and heating or air conditioning system
  • Put out candles before leaving the facility
  • Place fire extinguishers on all floors and keep them close to cooking facilities

Church insurance covers these incidents and more. You could also obtain additional liability insurance for activities and employees, property insurance, and even computer fraud. A church insurance quote can give you an idea of how much the ideal policy for your needs will cost and provide you with peace of mind knowing you are protected.

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