75% Of Churches Pay Too Much For Insurance Coverage

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“Let My 20+ Years Experience Insuring Churches Help You.” – Nolan Jackson

Most churches don’t know that they’re paying too much for insurance coverage.

In many cases, the job of “managing the insurance policy” gets placed on you at the last minute… and then the pressure is on to figure out how to “save money” and reduce the cost of insurance.

That’s where I come in!. Since 1998, I’ve helped to insure thousands of churches and houses of worship across the USA.

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What Our Clients Have to Say

Over the years, our church has received wise counsel and excellent service from Nolan. I appreciate how prompt he is in responding even to the least of my concerns. His extensive knowledge of his field, commitment to giving his all, and passion for serving people are among his greatest assets! He is undoubtedly a good friend and my favorite service provider."

Cal H. Austell, GA

Since 1998, Nolan has been a tremendous help to me with both my auto and homeowners insurance needs. He has helped me navigate through the maze of insuring multiple cars with teenage drivers, as well as understanding the legislative changes affecting my auto policy. When I purchased my homes, Nolan analyzed my needs and made solid recommendations for my circumstances. And on those occasions when I had a claim, Nolan's professionalism, service, and accessibility made all the difference and reassured me of his commitment to my best interest. I am confident he will do the same for you.

Keith H. Statesboro, GA

Types of Church Insurance

Whether your church represents a small group renting a space up to a large congregation with several different buildings and community outreach programs, we can provide the right type of insurance coverage for the needs of the ministry. We work directly with pastors and staff to ensure that each church receives the best in coverage.

Our primary type of policy is a combination of liability and property protection. The church as a whole is covered by the policy. In addition, We provide insurance solutions specially designed for churches.



General Liability

  • Protection From Lawsuits
  • Preserving Church Assets
  • Business Partners (Landlords) May Require The Coverage
  • Compensation When Someone Is Injured By Negligence


  • Equipment Breakdown, Including Computers, Boilers And Electrical Equipment
  • Newly Acquired, Personal And Off-Premise Property
  • Pastor’s Personal Property
  • Ordinance Or Law
  • Stained Glass Windows
  • Indirect Loss

Directors and Officers

  • Failure To Perform Background Checks On An Employee
  • Failure To Supervise An Employee Who Sexually Harassed Others
  • Spending Money Donated For One Project On Other Expenses
  • Terminating Employment Based On Age
  • Conflict Of Interest-Profiting Personally From Decisions You Made On Behalf Of The Ministry

Additional Coverages

  • Sexual Misconduct
  • Religious Expression
  • Commercial Inland Marine
  • Appurtenant Buildings
  • Business Interruption
  • Employment Liability
  • Schools & Daycares