SafeChurch Provides Comprehensive Risk Management for Churches

Every business and organization deal with risks unique to their industry, and ministries are certainly no different. As leading Georgia church insurers, we understand that risk management for churches and ministries is unique, and different for each one of our clients. We also know that there aren’t very many resources for churches dealing with risk management, and chances are good that there are some areas that many churches haven’t even thought of.


That’s why we’re proud to provide our Georgia church insurance clients with FREE access to an extensive library of risk management resources through GuideOne Insurance. This  Resource center, SafeChurch, features a large collection of tools, articles, and more designed specifically to help churches and ministries manage risk easily and responsibly. As a GuideOne Insurance customer, you’ll find in-depth multimedia information on church safety topics, including:

  • Church safety fact sheets
  • Safety and risk management checklists
  • Forms
  • Articles
  • Online Newsletters
  • Assessment Tools
  • Training Courses

Let’s take a closer look at a  few of the resources our Georgia church insurance customers have free access to:

SafeChurch Assessment Tool

Answer a handful of questions about your ministry and your facilities, and SafeChurch automatically generates a personalized report which you can present to your board members, leadership team, or security team. This risk management report describes potential risks for your church, as well as recommendations for protecting your resources, facility, and ministry.

Online Training Courses

We think this is one of the most valuable resources SafeChurch offers. Most of the courses can be accessed whenever and wherever is most convenient for the trainee. We recommend beginning with the following courses, which are beneficial for virtually any church or ministry.

• 15-Passenger Van Driver Training

As a replacement to the “Coaching the Can Driver” kits you may have used in the past, this online course is easy access and completely free for Nolan Jackson’s church clients. The training includes a video, corresponding article, and quiz. This training meets GuideOne’s driver training underwriting requirement.

• Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Training

This training is strongly encouraged for each volunteer in your children’s ministry. This course includes a video, article, and quiz. At only $5 per person, with bulk discounts available, we can’t think of a reason volunteers shouldn’t take this important course on how to reduce the risk of sexual abuse occurring.

Access to this extensive resource center costs $120 annually, but our customers are able to access it for free. To get started on, just give us a call and we’ll be happy to help you set up your account. Risk management for your church has never been easier, with the help of SafeChurch and Georgia Church insurer Nolan Jackson!

What Our Clients Have to Say

Nolan has been a pleasure to work with over the past 7 years. From my car insurance to homeowners insurance to life insurance, Nolan has been a TREMENDOUS help to my family and I. He has always been professional and easily accessible should I ever need him. He has made the complex world of insurance very easy and understandable for me. I wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone who is searching for an insurance agent. You won't find anyone better. I guarantee you that!

Jason T. Lithia Springs, GA

I had acquired a residence that needed homeowners insurance with general liability and had spoken with various other companies but was truly lucky when I came across Nolan Jackson on the Internet. Nolan was thorough, fast with communication and diligent in finding us the best policy for our needs. This extra step is what makes an agent stand above everyone else. He is extremely professional and has a high level of commitment to his clients.

Yvonne S. Tampa, FL

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